It’s important for us to adhere to these three values, as they embody our agency and define the way that we work.


Our expertise

Designing User Interfaces and User Experiences is our historical area of expertise, and remains the lifeblood of our business to this today. When it comes to web design, the two concepts are inseparable. User Experience (UX) covers usability, functionality, and navigation. Our rigorous focus in this area involves prototyping and testing of all possible solutions to a given problem. Then comes artistic creation (UI), which is directed by Barthelemy. This process seeks not only to bring a visual identity to the product, but also to serve the apps underlying purpose while ensuring the best possible experience for the user.


The next step of design

Our front-end developers use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make our mockups and prototypes truly come alive. This allows us to ensure that our designs are responsive to all screen sizes, flexible to fit all device types, and compatible with all browsers. The end result is a product that is always PIXEL PERFECT.


The invisible part of the iceberg

Although it’s all but imperceptible to the end user, this is one of the biggest steps in any web-based project. The backend developer is in charge of powering all of the features on a website. Backend technologies are typically built using languages like PHP, Ruby, and Python, among others.

US !

« AgenceMe's creative and beautiful designs helped launch our company! Would recommend Barthelemy and their work any day! »

Anand Raghavan

Senior Director Product Management, ThoughtSpot

« AgenceMe are brilliant designers. I’ve with them for over four years and we’ve completed hundreds of design projects. They have nuanced attention to color, information architecture, negative space, and balance—aspects that are part of superior design, but are hard to identify, let get right. They are also some of the most prolific people I’ve ever with. »

J. Scott Zimmerman

Co-founder of Xola

« We had the chance to work with AgenceMe four times on various projects for the web or mobile applications. What we liked was their swiftness and the great quality their design that will always get you that "wow" effect »

Miguel Labranche

Product manager at Orange Labs

« Fast and efficient, knew how to respect our several constraints and collaborate with all our departments of our company, to redesign our marketing website »

Remi Bardoux

Product Manager at Chauffeur-Privé

« We had ideas, AgenceMe glorified them. They work with the same passion as us, the same degree of requirement on the quality while staying in our listening. Bonus: they are great »

Olivier Bertil

PetitBus Co-founder at ENGIE


Make the design move

Animating a given design asset or set of assets represents a huge value add to any web project. Whether it be a project’s illustrations, fonts, or graphic elements, animation helps to provide a clear understanding and can make each interaction with an app intuitive.


Marketing design

We’re skilled in all forms of printed media marketing, from flyers, to business cards to posters. We consider this to be an extension of your product’s web design. Print communication can support your sales force and help spread your message.


Brand identity is about emotion

Brand identity is a unique, differentiating element and is the starting point of all communication. Good branding will enable you to make your story known. It will allow people to understand your product and the values you want to convey by creating a solid, consistent, and reassuring universe for your users. Our job will be to design all the interdependent elements (logo, name, website, print elements, etc) necessary for the development of your brand and its adoption by your target audience.



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